Account2 - Users opinions


Account2 has now moved up from "very useful " to "essential" even my financial adviser (wife) likes it.
R Briscoe
Perfect!! Not a hitch!!
Many thanks for a completely stable system.

J R Buckwell
I have to say that the more I use !Account2 the more I like it... because now I can't see it letting me down.
Many thanks for an excellent program.

B Cummins
I'd like to thank you for this great application. I love the simple interface and the way it works. It now does everything I'd like! I have found the program to be very stable and 100% reliable!
J Tucker
Thank you for excellent download system. Account2 works fine, and is a first-class programme.
S Jelley
I have used your excellent program !Accounts2 for about 18 months with great success: it certainly makes the job of keeping an eye on one's finances much easier than the earlier programs that I used did.
P Huddleston
Please will you inform me of any future developments - it looks a really good programme!
J Debeaux
Congratulations on an excellent programme.
M Bridger
Thanks for the upgrade, always pleased to see the program improving.
C Buchanan
Keep up the good work, I am so impressed with !Account2
J McCulloch
Its a great program and in many ways better than !******* which I have now abandoned due to repeated failures.
D Lawson