My wife Diane and myself


on holiday in Crete (1998)


(Crete is one of our favourite places. We had our honeymoon there.)

Diane is a guitarist, Studying at Royal Northern College of Music and enjoying a successful teaching career.

Two children, Simon and Rebecca, Granddaughters

Evie Emma and Sophie, and Grandsons Jonah and Joseph complete the family.


After his PhD in Quantum Control from Nottingham University Simon now lives near York and is a qualified Actuary. He is married to Eleanor and they have two daughters, Emma ( born in May 2013) and Sophie (born in January 2020) and a son, Joseph, born in October 2015 . The image on the left is a collage of photos which I put together for Simon's 21st birthday. (Click on the image to enlarge)

Becky is an Intensive Care Nurse at Durham Hospital, is married to Mark and they have a daughter, Evie, who was born in November 2008 and a son, Jonah, who was born in October 2011 (Click on the image to enlarge)



Evie Jonah and Emma, Joseph and finally Sophie. Click picture for 1st year pictures and 1st birthday card verses.