Version 3.87


In My Diary is no longer in development and these legacy web pages are intended mainly for existing users who might need to reinstall their software. However, the downloads are perfectly suitable for completely new installations and I will still be happy to support new as well as old users via the contact page.

If you require an older version of the program please contact me.


Please note that only the Windows version is now supported.


There are two distributions of In My Diary available. The original 'standard' fully installed version (now normally only supported on Windows) which installs the program in the traditional manner (to Program files, AppData and My Documents) and the more recent self-contained version which simply keeps all program, options and diary data all together in one folder which can then easily be moved to another computer (or kept permanently on a flash drive).



If you are trying the program or using it for the first time I would now recommend using the Self-Contained version. It is much easier to move your entire data around, and so much easier to keep everything intact if you get a new computer. If you are using Windows and already have the standard version installed then you might prefer to keep this version and update accordingly. If you plan to keep multiple diary files on your computer, the standard version is also better at allowing this.





SELF-CONTAINED (portable) VERSION (One diary file, ideal for keeping on a flash drive or memory stick to move between multiple computers - even those on different operating systems)


If you are updating from an earlier version or reinstalling after a problem please contact me.


Download (for Windows only)



STANDARD FULLY INSTALLED VERSION (keep multiple diary files anywhere on your computer)


Download (for Windows only)


(If you are already using the program but have changed your computer and want to know how to move your data from the old to the new computer, see HERE)




I will answer queries about the program by email as soon as I am able. Please visit the contact me page.

If you find the program useful or have a problem, please tell me.




3.87  14/02/2024 (Windows only)


1. In preparation for the InMyDiary server closing, the option to receive or check for update information, and the facility to send email notifications using the IMD server have been removed from the program. Email warnings can still be sent via the user's own SMTP server if their provider allows this.

2. The ToDo entries are now included in Searches.
3. Clicking a result in the search window did not always select the correct event when in languages other than English


4. Agenda view now opens at a date closest to the current date rather than always at the first entry in the diary.


Bugs cured:


There was a bug introduced into the Memory-Aid Clock where selecting a particular alarm sound could cause the Clock to crash.

The new Catalan language, although present in the Self-contained version, had been omitted from the standard one.



3.86  22/04/2023 (Windows only)


1. ToDo text and text size can be set by the user (in the Options window).

2. ToDo events can be hidden from appearing in the diary. Overdue alarms are not affected.


3. vCalendar (.vcs) files can be imported from File menu or dropped onto an open diary.

4. In Notes, suspended finance lists can now be omitted from the Index and are then sorted to the end of Notes so can still be accessed by turning the pages, or can still be left purely alphabetical if preferred. This is set in the Options window.

5. The Options window has been redesigned to make the text bigger so easier to read. There is now an option to allow dragging of the main window by its borders to help users with smaller screens.

6. Catalan language added by a user, Robert Lopez

7. Diary does fewer full redraws so has less flicker and is slightly quicker.

8. A codes backup folder (called tempcodes) is created on startup in AppData>Roaming>InMyDiary, and deleted upon a normal shutdown. The temporary folder is then available to restore Options and Anniversaries if a crash or computer shutdown occurs.

9. Ctrl+S saves your diary file.

some bugs solved:

When diary was full screen (or very large) a little window obscured the bottom left of the diary. This is now cured

If more than one ToDo event was in an imported file, they were accidentally given the same Unique identifier which caused a problem if one of the imported events was later deleted.




3.85  14/05/2021 (Windows only at the moment)


Long-time users of the diary may have experienced problems running versions 3.82 onwards. This is due to an old error in loading monthly repeat information that has only now become problematic. Any repeat error are now picked up as the diary loads. Any errors found default to 1 month.



3.84  05/05/2021 (Windows only at the moment)


A bug (introduced in 3.83) which prevented any editing or entry into the Password Manager has been fixed.



3.83 3/05/2021 (Windows and MacOS)


1. Speed of diary redraw now not affected by moving the mouse as you turn the page etc.


2. Fixed some bugs to do with moving the date of an event.



3.82 27/04/2021 (All versions)


1. The diary page-drawing code has been rewritten so, in most case, this should result in pages displaying more quickly, especially if your diary includes lots of repeated entries. Multi-day events now show an entry on each day instead of just day 1 ("cont..." and "final day" added to the entry name). This also applies in agenda view.

2. The Calendar now shows which dates have events (including continuing multi-day entries). These are show in green. For future repeating dates, the number of months you can look forward is the same as the setting for the Agenda view (set in Options - 6 months by default). The current date is shown in red.

3. When you click in the 'fold' of an open diary and the 'Busy Time' window (graphical display of the day's events) opens, it now stays open until you close it. Previously you had to keep the mouse button pressed which meant many users didn't even realise it was there or what it was for.


4. In the case of repeating multi-day events, the graphical display in the Busy Time window now recognises the additional days. Previously it only recognised day 1 of a repeating event.


5. Financial list Notes now display a running balance.

Some bugs sorted:


1. Previously on a busy days where the disclosure arrows came into play (so some events were 'hidden'), the graphical display in the Busy Time window only showed the events that were visible in the diary at that time. Now it displays up to 15 events in a day which is usually more than adequate for most users.

2. When the time or duration of an event is edited from the busy time window, the order of events in the diary for that day was not sorted to reflect the new times. this is now solved.

3. Moving the date of an event by means of the calendar in the event edit window might previously have affected the adjacent events.

4. The '&' character in ToDo data was not displaying in the diary.

5. icons at top were flickering and could disappear occasionally. Same for note-link and up/down reveal arrows



3.81 13/08/2020 (All versions)


1. Financial-list Notes can be suspended (or archived). Useful for keeping records of old accounts where no more activity takes place.

2. Repeating transfers in Financial lists can have their final payment date changed.

3. The notes index now includes icons to indicate whether the entry is a text note or a financial list

4. Clicking a row in the Financial List Totals takes you to the appropriate account

5. Automatic remote backup window shows date of last backup

6. If the program can't find your language folder upon start up, it now defaults to English rather than shut down.

7. An error message could occur if you tried to delete an entry in the password list without highlighting the parent folder (from the top list) first. This is cured now.

8. There was a bug introduced last time where clicking in the journal list window could crash the program, or show the wrong date if the journal page did open.



3.80 05/01/2020 (All versions)


1. Automatic remote backups can now be set every 'n' days. This is set from the revised File > Remote backup menu which now has a submenu.

2. Each Financial Note (cashbook) now has a search / refine search / filter results facility. Either right-click over the note and select Search or press the S key over an entry in a financial list.

3. The results of filtering a financial note can be exported to excel (or similar). To export a whole original financial note just do a search with the details field left bank

4. An entry in a Financial Note list can be reconciled by pressing the R key.

5. Autosave previously checked (and saved) changes about every 15 seconds. It still does for good reasons but, previously, if you closed down the diary less than 15 seconds after making a change then the alteration was not saved. Now a background save is performed before shutting down.

6. An asterisk is added to the file name if there are unsaved changes.

7. Many more fields now have a right-click menu to copy, paste and select all text. I don't know why I never did this before (yes I do, I always use Ctrl + whatever myself when I want to do this).

8. The 'native' journal pages now have an independent date-stamp before the text area in case the newly implemented select all and delete encourage you to delete the previous date text!

9. Importing additional diaries was not dealing properly with Notes and ToDos. This is cured and now when overlaying an additional diary you are asked if you want to to include Notes and ToDo data. Sometimes this is not desirable, but you get a choice.


3.78 21/11/2019 (available for Windows Standard and Self-contained only at present)


1. Telephone number fields in Contacts are not restricted to 11 numbers (so multiple numbers can be stored if needed).

2. Surnames beginning with diacritic letter (eg. ÄŒapek) were not being accepted in contacts. This is now cured.



3.77 29/05/2019 (available for Windows Standard and Self-contained. MacOS and Linux self-contained only at present)


Mainly an important bug fix identified by users.


1. A bug that crept in two versions ago meant that where two or more events had exactly the same name, the event editor always opened at the last occurrence regardless of which one was clicked. This made it impossible to edit such an event other than last one. This is cured now. Thanks to Ken Blethyn for spotting this.


2. The month and year at the head of diary pages was sometimes incorrect when the diary was set to display in two-day mode. Thanks to Georges Bernat for working with me on this.


In addition to the two important bug fixes, Notes can now be renamed (right-click over the note name) and the end-time increment arrows in the Set Event and Edit Event windows have been repositioned slightly to improve visibility when altering the time.



3.76 05/11/2018 (available for Windows Standard and Self-contained. MacOS and Linux self-contained only at present)


This version is important in that it fixes a few serious bugs in the Notes section. These are:


1. A financial list displayed on the left-hand note page could be deleted if the user then clicked on the diary tab.

2. In a financial list, if a new entry is started but cancelled, then another entry is edited the data became corrupted.

3. If a new Note (of any kind) was created which became the first note (alphabetically) in the list, the right-hand page (showing of course the first Note in the list) did not immediately switch to the new note. Subsequent editing of the displayed note would then corrupt the data.


Other changes:


4. Mouse scroll wheel has effect in certain windows - In the Diary window it turns the pages, in Contacts it moves through the records, in Calendar it moves to other years.
5. Dragging the main diary window (by clicking over the R/L borders) can be toggled on / off by holding down the D and R keys. If you don't need to drag the window (usually only necessary on smaller screens) then turning it off can prevent some jumping of the diary window which can occur under certain circumstances.
6. QIF export of Financial List data.
7. The hole punch guides have been redesigned and can be turned off when printing personal organizer pages.
8. The code which creates early warnings of repeating alarms has been improved to reduce the incidence of duplicated warnings.

9. In the Set Event and Edit Event windows, am/pm suffixes were still being displayed and causing errors after changing to 24 hour clock. Also, in certain circumstances, in am/pm mode it was possible to write hours greater than 12 again causing event time errors.


3.75 10/03/2018


1. An alternative new format allows financial list accounts to be created in the Notes section, with automatic transfer of funds between accounts. QIF files can be imported (for example, from online bank account downloads)
2. Printing routines have been completely revised. Pages (171 x 95 mm in week over two pages format) can be created with crop marks ready to be inserted into a physical personal organizer. All diary printing now shows future repeating events.
3. Repeating events can now be copied or moved from any of the repeating entries, not just the initial one.

4. A 10 minute 'snooze' option is now available with pop-up alarms. So if you don't see the message within the usual 15 seconds because you were away from the computer, or if you click the 10 min button, it will appear again in 10 minutes.  
5. Categories can have subcategories and searches can either be parent/sub or just parent.
6. 'Faster save over Network' can be turned off if it gives trouble when you are not saving over a network.
7. A new Ukrainian and a revised Helenic language have been submitted by users Tersh and Tassos Simaioforos
When auto-refresh is selected, the screen is only redrawn if the diary is visible, so other sections are not overwritten.
Audible warning of event alarms had not been working but is now fixed.


3.73 15/01/2018 (All versions)


1. Repeating To Do entries can now be created as well as imported. They also have a variety of delete options (All, Just this one, from this one).
2. The To Do list now displays by start date order instead of date of entry. Running tasks with no specified dates are listed first.
3. The main Diary, Options, Set event and Edit event windows can be moved by holding down the mouse in CLEAR space in the window and dragging. This should especially help those using resolution screens such as 800 x 600 who otherwise cannot see the whole windows.

1. Corrected an error introduced last time where early warning of anniversaries show one year greater than they should.
2. Better trapping of impossible or incorrectly formatted dates.
3. Repeating events with more than one excluded date were not importing correctly in all circumstances (eg. when syncing from Google), and All Day repeating events with excluded dates were not exporting correctly.
4. Tidied up categorisation of events, correcting errors when editing category names, colours, deleting and adding new categories.




3.72 04/01/2018 (Just Windows at present)


1. In Agenda view, the number of visible future repeating events can be set - defaults to 6 months.
2. It is now possible to delete the first occurrence of a repeating event.
3. Days, weeks, months, Years menu opens in event setting / editing windows when the box is hovered over.

1. Corrected false or missing anniversary pop-up warnings which are due around the change of year.
2. If the Memory-aid clock was left permanently on screen, special day notifications for the current day were not appearing in the most recent versions of the program.
3. Corrected some errors with resetting the date of repeating events from the event edit window.
4. Diary display doesn't redraw if the clicked option for the number of visible days is already the selected one.
5. Hovering over 'agenda' display button was giving the wrong information (said 'two weeks' instead of 'show running agenda').
6. Early warning alarms of birthdays due in the next year were showing the wrong age.
7. Deleting the last sorted contact created a blank entry which prevented closing the contacts.


3.70 04/12/2017 (All versions)


1. New 'agenda' view with page-width scrolling display of all diary events.

2. Journal entries can be MS Word documents if preferred so that styled text, images etc. can be included in journal files. Set this in Options > set/change journal password.

3. First use of Journal entries takes the user to the file type - password setting page to encourage the use of passwords. 

4. Contacts information (all or selected fields) can be copied to the clipboard for pasting in other documents.

5. New alphabetically tabbed Surname grouping in Contacts. Alphabet can be edited for users who use a non-Latin or extended Latin based alphabet (max 36 letters).

6. Search & replace settings relate to current page display.

      Bug solving:

Blank entries in the To Do section are automatically removed.
The down arrow which reveals hidden events on busy days is more responsive at smaller diary sizes.
Improved password recovery usability for problem email accounts.
The To Do list doesn't hide behind other windows.
Password character finder text in Password Manager doesn't do silly things when clicked on.


3.68 03/11/2017 (All versions)

1. For users who do not open the diary daily, you can now set the number of days you want to look back and see previously unseen alarms that have passed their event date.

2. Synching with repeating events on Google calendar now avoids duplication.
3. Delay can be set before the first auto-sync to Google calendar in cases where start up issues are clashing with the initial sync.
4. A finish year can be added so no more anniversaries appear in the diary after the date you set.

5. EXDATE data in iCal is imported and exported, so excluded dates in repeating events are observed when synced.

6. Remote backup address can be copied into the text field (in Options) as well as dragged.
7. When searching in the Contacts window, the 'Go' button now searches based on the search criteria displayed (it had been always surname previously no matter what you selected as the search criteria).
8. There was a display error (right-hand page sometimes missing) introduced into version 3.61 when turning back from final page in notes section. this is now cured.


3.66 09/07/2017 (Windows)


1. Increased text options in Memory-Aid Clock display, making it more flexible and also more useful in other languages
2. Shift + F12 toggles Memory-Aid clock display colours
3. 'Data has changed' flag is tripped when To Do data is created or edited.
4. Imported repeating 'To Do' entries can now be independently edited.
5. Secondary telephone, cell and email details are imported and exported in vCards
6. Remote backup address is preserved in Options even if it is not accessible



3.65 17/06/2017 (All versions)


1. Added a 'To do' Section, which operates as a colour coded list, daily (in diary) reminder of the status of

outstanding tasks with pop-up alarm for overdue tasks if required. 'To do' data can also be imported from other programs.
2. Notes can have user-set font, size and colour selected. Global choice and individual Note choice are available.
3. Notes and Journal text now accepts tab key presses.
4. 'Busy time' graph (when clicking in the fold of a page) now also shows future repeating events.
5. Maximum number of contacts increased to 6000.

    Bug solving:
6. Trapped vCard contact import greater than maximum allowed.
7. Program doesn't temporarily freeze if internet is down when the Startup Update Check is not even on.



3.61 13/05/2017 (All versions)


1. Greatly speeded up file saving time when saving over a LAN or cloud server.
2. Auto-reload of an updated diary file now allows one computer to add events, notes etc. to a remote computer running the same file over a LAN or file hosting service (such as Dropbox). 
3. The time on the Memory-aid clock has an improved display.
4. If a Memory-aid clock pop-up warning is already on screen, any new alarms are added to the existing screen display.
5. There is now a reminder when setting Diary starts up in Memory-aid clock mode how to get out of it.



3.60 01/05/2017 (All versions)


In addition to changes to the actual program, accompanying this release is a separate new updater program for the self-contained edition.

This should be downloaded to achieve a successful update since the old style update versions, with a (u) in the name, are no longer available or needed.


1. New full-screen 'Memory-aid clock' added as an alternative front-end.
2. Fully functional alarms for events and anniversaries when users keep the diary running 24/7.
3. Contacts can be imported from CSV files, with comprehensive field mapping.
4. A 2nd telephone, mobile and email address can be added to contacts.
5. VALARM imported and exported in iCal files so event advance warning notifications are passed.
6. 'Replace' option in Search window.
7. Sync with Google calendar every n minutes can now be set rather than just at start up.
8. Notification is now given that remote backup was successful.
9. New 'image' icon by note link field (in set alarm window) mainly for Windows10 users who can't drag an image to the note link field. Drag the image to here instead.
10. Warning alarm code rewritten to cure some possible crashes.



3.50 07/03/2017 (All versions)

1. Automatic syncing FROM Google calendar is now an option, and much easier syncing TO Google calendar.

2. A remote backup facility now allows you to select a location (additional drive, network drive or cloud folder) and, with one click, make a date-stamped copy of ALL your data (Diary, Options, Journal, Password Manager data)
3. CSV export of name and addresses for mail-merge to 3rd-party label system.
4. Encryption password recovery procedure changed (for the benefit of users with web-based email clients)
5. Options window redesigned for smaller screens
6. Email messages don't produce '&&' for '&' now.
7. All day tickbox bug cured
8. A new entry or a deleted entry corrupted a current ical export list. This is now cured.


3.26 28/01/2017 (All versions)

1. Date can be changed from the one you clicked over whilst creating/editing an event.
2. In addition to the long-standing facility to link a diary entry to a note, an event can now be linked to a file on your computer or a page on a website instead of an internal note. 
3. Contacts can now store a photo link. Drag a photo to the new face image on the contacts page.
4. Notes in Contacts can be multi-line.
5. Notes are exported and imported in vCards.
6. BDAY in vCard import reads date formats yyyymmdd and yyyymmddThhmmss(Z) as well as the original yyyy-mm-dd.



3.25 03/01/2017 (All versions)

1. 'One-day-per-page' view now can be set to show a full event entry, not just the first line. Please note that, since there are so many variables in how much space is needed to show an entire entry (width and height of diary page, your font and font size choices, number of natural and forced line breaks), there may be occasions when the end of an entry is clipped, and of course entries that are longer than the available space on a page will also be clipped. You can always still see full event text by hovering the pointer over an entry. Please also note that, when using this new option, repeating events will show a reference number at the end required for internal purposes.

2. When printing address labels, any blank lines in an address are now omitted and the next line moves up.          


3.24  26/11/2016 (Windows only)

1. Date text in the diary now has user-defined font and font size.
2. Maximize diary on screen is now possible.
3. Text size of dates adjusts better to increases/decreases in diary size.
4. New red leather effect replaces original red border.



3.23 02/05/2016 (All versions)

Chiefly a bug fix.

1.  Category colours are now saved and reloaded
2.  Dates to be excluded in repeat events now read local time format, not just dd/mm/yyyy
3.  Layout of many windows has improved, particularly on Linux and MacOS
4.  Wine, the Windows emulator on Linux can now use the most recent Windows versions. Previously versions after 2.88 were failing.



1. Text colours can be assigned to specific categories so it is easier to see at a glance which category the event belongs to. Just choose or create a category as you make or edit an entry and use the colour picker to set the text colour for that category. 

2. It is possible to alter an event's start and finish times, number of days covered, by using a slider control accessed either by Ctrl-clicking over the event entry, or from the 'busy time' window which opens when you hold-click in the fold of the diary.

3. Events in the busy time window now mirror the colours used in the vertical lines that indicate a multi-day event for easier identification.

4. Right-clicking over the icon that changes the border style now cycles in reverse through the options.

5. New leather-effect border and ring binder design.

6. Anniversaries using the %n year function now show 'something happened today' for year zero instead of something happened <number> years ago' (the number previously being blank for year zero and making no sense). 


3.20  03/03/2016 (All versions)

1. The coloured vertical bars that indicate when an event is spread over more than one day now show a better graphical representation of the start and end times of the event. So, for example, for an event which starts at midday the vertical bar will start half way down the space allocated for that day.

The change will be seen only in events you create from the update onwards, although you can open any existing multi-day event and click OK to force a change in older entries.

2.  It is now possible to set a Journal folder and Password Manager folder that can be anywhere on your computer in preference to the ones which are generated by default in your Documents folder. This is done by dragging any folder called 'pw' and/or 'journal' to new fields in the Options window.

3. The bug that caused erroneous entries to appear on crowded days in the 'busy time' window (accessed by hold-clicking near the 'fold' of the diary) has now been cured.       


3.18  07/01/2016 (Windows and self-contained versions only)

1. When the 'busy time' window size is changed, the new dimensions are remembered while ever the diary is open.

2. The diary can be positioned much closer to the left and top edges of the screen without the auto-position correction feature kicking-in. It still can't be fully maximised but is now much closer.

3. (Windows only) The problem from 3.11 onwards (where the diary might occasionally load to a screen coordinate beyond the visible screen) should now be cured but, as an additional safeguard, the diary can now be forced into view (or reset to default size) by going to hidden icons on the right-hand task bar, right-clicking over the InMyDiary icon and selecting 'reposition on screen'.


3.17  24/10/2015 (MacOS and Linux only)

A bug fix to cure a problem with encrypted files not reloading after saving with version 3.16. This does not apply to Windows versions or Linux via Wine


3.16 19/10/2015 (Windows, MacOS and self-contained versions only)

1. Improved saving routine means much quicker saving times so program does not appear to freeze for users with very large diary files.

2. In addition to setting the font size of event text you can now adjust the space available for the text (its boundary) so you can set the correct balance between the two, and the problems with bottoms of letters missing or partial appearance of second line text in a multi-line event can be cured.

3. A Slovenian translation has been added by a user.



3.14 29/06/2015 (Windows and self-contained versions only)

1. Computer task entries can be multi-line. The whole text is searched first for a line starting with a path to a file or program. If one is found it is launched. If one is not found the whole text is then searched for a line starting with a URL. If one is found it is launched. This allows the visible text in the diary to be a more useful heading etc. rather than the actual link.

2. Google Maps opens to show the location when the postcode field in Contacts is clicked.

3. Contacts can be sorted by forename, address, date of birth, phone and email in addition to the default (surname).

4. Occasionally (since version 3.11) the diary may have loaded to a screen coordinate beyond the visible screen, giving the impression that the diary is not running. This version forces the diary to load to a position on your principal screen.  
5. In Password Manager, Ctrl+C copies the password (for 12 seconds) again when you click over an entry in the password list. There was a bug in 3.12 which lost this facility.



3.12 22/04/2015

1. On Windows, it is now impossible to load a diary file if it is already running (Mac has this facility by default)

2. Passwords can be unlimited length and use international (UTF-8) letters and symbols. (General encryption key still needs UK keyboard symbols.)

3. Time detail errors have been corrected when exporting and importing iCal files. (Particularly affected by Daylight Saving Time, time zone changes, and when events were all-day.)

4. Events moved or copied by means of the calendar were not previously generating an auto-save.

5. Export window is now multi-language.



3.11 25/03/2015

1. Early warning alarms can now be set for '#' minutes early and and '#' hours early in addition to '#' days early.
2. Search window - Clicking over (or pressing the enter key in) an empty 'Search for' field returns ALL Diary entries, Notes and Contacts.
3. Position of main window (in addition to size) now gets saved.

4. German and Russian languages now included.
5. Importing/exporting multi-day all-day events conforms to standard procedure (was previously extending to midday of the following day).
6. Calendar display, when current, could sometimes overwrite the diary page display if certain available diary functions were chosen. This is now cured.
7. Multi-day repeating events - colour bars now extend over the correct number of days for the NEXT due event.
8. Several small bugs cured connected with early warnings, and also corrected some issues with next repeating events when any qualifying dates are omitted.



3.10  04/03/2015

1. Events extending over more than one day are shown with a vertical colour bar at the side of each affected day, and are exported in iCal files. Imported multi-day events from other calendars are displayed correctly.

2. A graphical display of time busy and time free during any day is now an option.

3. LOCATION of events can be recorded, and exported and imported in iCal files.


Bug fixes:

4. Copied / moved events now have appropriate UID

5. Under certain circumstances, repeating events exported using the export list were not repeating.


3.02  10/02/2015

1. MUCH Improved export and import of iCalendar files acknowledging time zones, accepting many more iCal commands, improved error trapping, (hopefully) no duplication, generally meaning much more accurate and reliable transfers.

2. The exporting / importing of data has been optimised to work as faultlessly as possible with GOOGLE calendar.
3. Time zone can be set to local conditions, so that international colleagues see your events at THEIR actual time.
4. Anniversaries can be exported in iCalendar files, either included in general exports or as specific anniversary exports.
5. French and Turkish languages added.
6. You can now set repeating events by the number of repeats in addition to the finish date.
7. Repeating events added or imported that are more than a month old do not create irrelevant warning messages.
8. Search works properly for dates before 1904
9. Repeating events can be set to repeat beyond 2030! You never know, you might need to catch that HS2 train and be 30 minutes quicker!

10. Better program behaviour when language files change their length.


3.01  26/01/2015

1. Categories can be added to events and then used to help refine search criteria.

2. The default colour of event text can be changed.

3. Polish language included. Still waiting for French, German and Swedish to be completed.

4. In the Language Editor, clicking over a row can now launch Google translator and/or MyMemory translator websites with the word or phrase pre-translated.

5. Pressing the enter key in the Language editor would previously (and inappropriately) try to Finalize the edit. This has been cured.

6. Some intermittent closedown bugs trapped.



3.00  07/01/2015

1. In My Diary now uses multi-language lookup files so that the displayed text can be in any one of a number of languages in addition to English. Currently Dutch, Italian, Danish, Czech, Spanish, Greek and Portuguese are available with French, German and Swedish in preparation. More translations can easily be added to the program as they become available.

2. The built-in language editor allows users to create their own translations either for private use or which can be added to the distribution.

3. Editing 'Special Days' (Saint's days etc.) is much simpler, and copies the interface used for adding anniversaries. Clicking over a Special Day in the diary also opens a list with the clicked event highlighted for easy identification.

4. In addition to opening and running files on your computer, setting an event as a 'computer task' now also recognises http, www, ftp and mailto URLs so that websites etc. can be launched by the diary at specified times and on startup.     

5. More contacts data is exported to excel (title, early birthday notification, categories joined etc.)

6. Importing contacts from an excel file is now possible, either from one saved from In My Diary or as an import from another PIM.

7. The Help file has been updated and is now in a more readable bookmarked PDF format.

7. Note section pages 'turn' in a more natural (virtual) manner.

8. Repeating event reference numbers no longer show when hovering over text or in diary print outs



2.99  20/11/2014

1. Alarm messages for diary events, anniversaries and birthdays can be turned off in the Options window so they do not pop up. Email messages will still be sent, and the warnings can be turned on again as required.

2. Fixed an important security bug in Windows version where, if the program password became deleted or corrupted, the diary was still minimizing to the task bar instead of closing down.



2.98  17/11/2014 (Windows and self-contained versions only)

1. Contacts can now be assigned categories for the purpose of printing labels etc. Initially there are four default categories (Work, Friends, Home, Christmas cards) but these can be renamed and others added to a maximum of 12. Individual contacts can 'join' as many categories as is appropriate for that entry.

2. Some errors concerning repeating alarms showing incorrect dates for 'past' events have been corrected.

3. Where a repeating event has passed its final repeat, but the diary has not been opened or saved for a lengthy period after that, further entries were being created in error. This has now been corrected.



2.96  11/08/2014 (Windows and self-contained versions only)

1. Addresses can now be searched when using either the Contacts or Global search facilities.

2. Journal and Password database now also copy over when converting from Standard to self-contained edition when using the startup automated system.

3. I left a test button (untitled) in version 2.95. Pressing this would do no harm but was unsightly.


2.95  09/08/2014 (Windows and self-contained versions only)

1. There is now an automated system built into the self-contained version so that all your data can be easily copied and preserved if you are converting from the standard edition (not on Linux, sorry).

2. The Notes index can be put into alphabetical order by clicking over the head of the list.



2.94  27/06/2014 (Windows and self-contained versions only)

A couple of bug fixes. Setting long early warning periods for non-repeating alarms is now is not affected by the irrelevant default repeat period.

The revised page turn symbols were in the wrong place for Notes and Calendar, and irrelevant to the Password section so have been removed from that.



2.93 10/06/2014 (Windows update only)

Important update to fix security bug in Windows version around program password and possible crash if a password is set and an alarm is due as the program openings. This update is only applicable to Windows versions (standard and self-contained).


2.92 23/05/2014


1. Users can now select from 14 pre-installed (or import their own) sounds for event and anniversary warning alarms.

2. There are two new window-top icons for easy access to anniversary and special day editing.

3. The page turn symbols are a little bigger and easier to see.

4. I introduced a bug in 2.90 where the content of one-off events did not copy or move properly to other days (repeating events were OK). This is cured.


2.91 09/05/2014


A bug fix. It had become possible to make the program crash under certain circumstances when attempting to turn a single event into a repeating event.



2.90 05/05/2014


1. Greater flexibility when setting repeating events - eg. Last day of month, particular days in particular weeks of the month.

2. Specific dates can be omitted from the repeat schedule.

3. Exact midnight can now be set as a start time.

4. One of the fields in the password manager had become moved and inaccessible in the last version. This has been cured.


2.88 17/04/2014


1. Other In My Diary files can be dragged to an open (main) diary and the events display as 'ghost' events in grey text. The display of the additional diaries can be turned off and on as required from a new 'Added Diaries' menu and a ghost event can be brought into the main diary by clicking one and selecting OK in the Edit Alarm window. More details

2. 'All day' option when setting time for events, and all day events imported from other calendars are recognised as such.

3. Daylight Saving Time (as set in your Special days data) is taken into account when importing from other calendars
4. Repeating events with a finishing date, when copied or moved to a new date, can either have the original finish date preserved, or automatically reset relative to the new start date.
5. New attractive suede diary border, and new border change icon so borders can be changed without going into the Options menu

Clicking the note symbol on a repeating event other than the first one now opens the note.
Finish dates for repeating events are more reliable when the start or finish time is close to midnight.
Some special days were showing incorrectly in the search window


2.86  29/03/2014


Much work done to improve synchronization between In My Diary and external calendars such as Google Calendar and iPad. Two new icons allow easy access to journal entries and highlighted days, which can be listed, moved to and deleted.


A title field (Mr. Mrs. etc) has now been added to contacts
Email addresses are now exported in vCards

1. Additional forenames greater than one are imported properly
2. Better recognition of existing contacts to avoid duplication
3. Individual and global opt in/out when importing duplicating contacts now works reliably. Before it was rather flaky

4. Label information is now exported and imported

1. The bug that crashed the program when exporting from a diary that had no highlighted days has been cured.
2. Improved importing from other calendars (such as Google etc.). This means forward and backward synchronisation bewteen IMD and other calendars is more reliable and less prone to duplication. For example:
Day shading, if originally exported from IMD to another calendar is preserved when imported back.
More unique identification of entries to avoid the current duplication problems when synched.

Better (more intuitive) time setting during the noon hour and midnight hour.
Pressing Enter key no longer opens colour chart when setting times or early warnings



2.84  23/12/2013

1. You can now choose different fonts to display events and anniversaries in the diary (details here)

2. Improved ics file imports. (commas in some imports were showing as slashes - pound sign not importing correctly)

3. Check for updates from help menu

4. Linux version now opens at the size at which the diary was last saved.


2.82  26/10/2013

1. Highlighted backgrounds (introduced in the previous version) can now be exported and imported as part of an iCalendar file.

2. More intuitive settings for the highlight selector window (for example - dates can have their highlights changed without cancelling the original one first).

3. Some longstanding errors with repeating alarm early warnings have been corrected. Repeating alarms also now show 'NOW!' in the alarm message once the time passes, as they do for one-time alarms.

4. Pages turn noticeably quicker, particularly on slower computers.


This week also sees a change in policy which affects email notifications (although it is not a change to the program as such). Scripts on the server have been altered so you will now get an advisory email if you attempt to use the In My Diary internal server to email an alarm to yourself but have not registered your email address. Previously the system just did nothing which wasn't really very friendly or helpful.



2.80  16/10/2013

1. Dates can be given a highlighted background from a choice of 10 to mark special periods (such as holidays).

2. Monthly repeat frequency is not corrupted when a clashing event warning is given.

3. Default anniversary warning days (set in the Options window) works again.

4. Spare lines in the anniversary list are deleted if blank

5. Linux now is able to append a J to the date when a journal entry is present


2.75  08/10/2013

1. Text colour of entries is preserved when moved or copied to a different date.

2. When in the calendar showing a non-current year, the HOME key moves the calendar to the current year and no longer moves back to the diary.

3. Several errors connected with monthly repeats defaulting to 1 month frequency have been cured.

4. Event setup window opens (and diary pages turn) much more quickly in native Linux.

5. Monthly repeats at frequencies other than 1 can be imported and and exported in iCalendar files.

6. In the Password Manager, the character selector can now select up to 4 characters again.

7. The URL for In My Diary is clickable in the 'About In My Diary' window for easy linking to the website.  


2.70  17/09/2013

1. The text of entries in the diary (daily planner) can be assigned a colour independent of other entries.

2. Passwords generated or written in the Password Manager can be individually locked to prevent accidental changes.

3. When you change the display (two-week, two day etc.) by means of the icon buttons the option is preserved when the diary is next opened. The icons previously only affected a temporary change.


2.60  02/07/2013

1. Computer tasks (opening a file or program) can be set to run as single events or repeating events.

2. File > Go to ... takes you to the folder where anniversary and public holiday data files are kept for easy copying over to another computer.

3. Possible program crash if no email address is established (when re-opening an event with an email warning set) has been cured


2.56  23/05/2013

An important bug fix to yesterday's issue. Notification emails were not arriving at the primary email address. Bccs were OK. 


2.55  22/05/2013

1.  Hovering over an event line in the diary opens a window with the full details (can be turned off in Options).
2.  Email alerts can be sent to notify you (and a Bcc list if desired) of event time or early warning messages.
3.  importing iCal files - Code has been improved to allow multi-line events from more sources to be imported.
4.  (windows only) - Minimize on startup now hides the app on the right-hand task bar so it continues to run in the background. The blue minimize arrow also does this, while the normal minimize button keeps the app running on the left side task bar.
5.  Warnings for events later that day now show as a 'Later today...' message and generate an early warning email when set. Events whose time has arrived or passed earlier that day now show as 'Now!...' messages and generate an event time reached email when set to do so.
6.  Warning messages automatically close after 15 seconds to allow control back to the program for further alerts (if you leave your computer unattended with the program running this will allow further alert emails to be generated if needed).


Bugs caught:
7.  If the '*' character was part of an event it previously stopped the event from being edited. This is fixed.
8.  When importing an iCal file, SUMMARY does not override DESCRIPTION if seen first.



2.50  21/04/2013

1. The diary can now use a two-day and one-week display in addition to the original two-week default.

2. A new set of icons has replaced the text buttons for moving forward / back by year or month, search, and for selecting the display format.

3. An additional 'blank' template as been added for those who prefer this look.

4. A bug with the search facility caused a crash if a search was made for dates outside your diary data. This has been removed.

5. Occasionally, under certain circumstances, notes associated with diary entries were not clickable. This has now been solved.      


2.30  12/04/2013

1. Events can now be set to repeat at any specified monthly periods rather than every month.

2. You now have four contrasting choices of diary border design. Others skins may follow.

3. Searches can now be within a specified range of years.

4. Searches for Special day dates (such as Easter) over a specified range of years is now possible.

5. In the Notes section, notes can be added and deleted from a right-click menu. The Add note button therefore has been removed.

6. Repeating monthly events, having passed a repeat date, now also become 'individual' and can be edited, deleted etc. in the same way that day based repeats did from version 2.10

7. Special Day data now has some new anti-corruption and recovery measures.



2.22  07/04/2013

Version 2.20 included a complete rewrite of the program opening code, the file loading code and the Password Manager and a couple of bugs crept in. This version is an important bug fix.



2.20  05/04/2013

1. Diary files can be encrypted with personalised encryption keys.
2. Passwords in the Password Manager can be copied by selecting the file name in the lower left-hand window and pressing Ctrl+C. The password stays on the clipboard for 12 seconds to enable pasting then deletes to further aid security (native linux version does not clear the password)
3. In the Password Manager, username, password and additional field info is now encrypted whilst in memory to further aid security.
4. New folder icons in Password manager.
5. Search window now displays the number of results found in a search.
6. Improvements to error messages and procedure.



2.10  21/03/2013

1. Password Manager entries can be moved to other parent folders to help you reorganise your system.
2. There is an option to ask for the Password Manager password every time that section is entered. This is the default setting but can be changed from the Options window when in the Password Manager section.
3. Password Manager folders can have icons associated with them to help categorization.
4. Repeating events - once an event has passed its repeat date, that particular entry then becomes 'individual' and can be edited, deleted etc. just like any other single entry event.
5. Right-clicking a date in the calendar opens the alarm setup window ready for a new event on that date.
6. There is now a menu by the note field when creating/editing events so it is easier to select a note that already exists.
7. The 'Always tick an altered contact' setting in the Options window has been removed and now defaults to never. It had ceased to be useful as the program developed.

8. Backups are now organised into year and month folders (for new backups) to make archiving more readable.

Bugs caught
9. Note attachments are now preserved when events are copied or moved to another date
10. The pink notepad alongside diary entries is clickable again to move to the note section.


2.00 13/03/2013

1. Password Manager section (with password generator) has now been added in a new tab so you can keep a database of your most used passwords and apply them when needed.
2. In Notes, clicking the note name at the top of a note page will perform a search to find all diary entries linked to that note.
3. Notes index now scrolls when required

Bugs cured

4. Bug cured that, under certain circumstances, allowed two or more notes to share the same name
5. Tabs to select diary, notes, calendar were not always accessible after a window resize and this is now OK
6. After editing special days and closing the window, diary information no longer overwrites notes or calendar if they are the current tab
7. Copy and Paste restored throughout on Mac version.


1.84 01/02/2013

1. It is possible to export individual or unconnected events as an iCal file. Right-click over and event to add it to the export list, then select 'Use Export list' when in the export window.

2. Copying and moving events is easier. It is still possible to drag events around the same page, but to move/copy an event to a more remote date, right-click over the event and select 'Copy event to clipboard'. Then right-click over the receiving date to establish the copy. This change has depreciated the function of dragging an event out of the window and dragging it back in to the receiving date.

3. You can get an audible warning when an alarm is raised. Turn the function on and off from Options.

4. Alarm windows are now always the foremost window when they pop up.



If you download the standard windows version from this date, the installer has been altered slightly. Please see this section of the manual for details.


1.83 12/06/2012

1. There is an option to turn off overlapping event messages when adding events for when you are aware of this and don't need a warning.

2. Easter can be given a different name in the Special Days section.

3. Tab key navigation works more sensibly when creating and editing (particularly times in) events.

4. Some warning messages for repeating events make more sense.


1.82 01/05/2012

1. Month (and year if necessary) of the event or anniversary now show in early warning messages.

2. The possibility of accidentally inputting a 24hr time when in am/pm mode has been trapped, and any incorrect times set and saved due to this problem get corrected when the diary loads.

3. Some early warning message errors corrected.


1.81 27/04/2012

1. Printing all or a range of your diary events is now possible, either including or excluding days with no events. (Not available on native Linux I am afraid.)

2. Time input and all displays involving time are now wholly either am/pm or 24hr, depending on your setting in the options window.

3. Alarm messages for events that have passed make more sense.


1.80 20/04/2012

1. Self-contained version available for a more portable product.
2. If a diary file is saved whilst the window is minimized (when responding to a shutdown message), upon reopening the window should always open at size it was before minimization.
3. The MacOS version now permits a diary file to opens at the size it was when saved.

Bugs cured:
4. In the MacOS version, the year selection was not displaying properly in the small calendar.
5. Making a new journal entry on a right-hand page with a journal password set was causing the journal to open at the wrong date.
6. Some early warning messages may have displayed the wrong event date.


1.76 01/04/2012

1. Ctrl+c and Ctrl+m will set and change the event move/copy options.

2. A Double-click to open any file works on all macs, not just the quicker ones.

3. Any ads file can be dragged to the default diary file field in the options window to set this as your default file.

4. Problems with the diary opening in a very reduced size have been addressed. If the problem still persists there is now an option to open all diary files at the default size.

5. Better recovery and messaging if things go wrong.

6. Under certain circumstances the small calendar (contacts and repeat event setting) was sometimes choosing the wrong month. This is now cured.


1.75 18/03/2012

1. Events can be dragged around the diary to move or copy them.

2. Trying to edit a repeating alarm on a repeat date now lets you go directly to the original date.

3. It's now possible for repeating events to have the same text.

4. There is now a button for setting NO PASSWORD for the general password and the journal password.

5. Changes to Special days now takes effect in the diary display immediately.


1.72 08/03/2012

1. The full list of contacts (or only ticked contacts) is now produced from within the program rather than as an export. This allows Linux (wine) users to access these lists. Export is still an option.

2. Entering a birthday in the contacts section by means of the adjoining calendar now allows for the year to be omitted.

3. Any birth year can now be inputted if yyyy format is used (or the adjoining calendar).


1.71 01/03/2012

1. Month/year increments and decrements are available from the View menu (particularly for Linux Mint users who cannot access this facility by way of the normal buttons).

2. The month/year increment and decrement code has been corrected. (If the current date is in the later month of a split month on one page, the earlier code was producing an error.)

3. Corrected the diary display when a date has two 'special day' events in addition to anniversary or dairy entries. (The second special day entry was being overwritten by diary data.)


1.70 25/02/2012

1. Up/down buttons for the time fields in the event setup and edit windows now scroll the time fields if you hold down the mouse button.

2. Priority of diary display has been changed to:


 Birthdays from contacts

 Diary data

to avoid 'bleed' into other days on busy days.

3. Entries made for dates that have passed no longer generate an alarm message as you enter them.

4. Entries which were originally single date events but were later changed to repeating events now generate appropriate alarm messages.

5. There was a bug introduced into 1.69 whereby any birthday entry in the diary created from contacts was generating an alarm message every month, not just the correct month.


1.69 12/02/2012

1. New buttons allow the diary display to be moved forward/back by one month or one year at a time

2. Multiple selected diary, contact and calendar files can be dropped onto the diary. (So, for example, a whole load of vCards could be imported in one action now.)

3. Warning alarms generated by birthdays in the contacts section now show when the early warning box is unticked.


1.68 02/02/2012

1. The program can now more easily be used from other accounts on the same computer (including non-administrator accounts), keeping individual data private. (Each user can now keep their own anniversary and public holiday data.)

2. vCards (contacts data) can be exported.

3. vCard import is more comprehensive.


1.67 22/01/2011 (not needed on Mac)

Problem with the overall password window not working properly on Windows and Linux version has been cured.   


1.66 15/01/2011

Two bugs cured. Some monthly repeating events were also 'repeating' prior to the initial date. Two identical entries on different dates with identical note attachments prevented the notes section from opening at the correct page.  


1.65 13/01/2011

1. iCalendar (ics) files can be imported into and exported from the diary
2. End time for events can now be set
3. All date input can be set from a calendar control
4. Week numbers can be either ISO (Europe) or US standard
5. 2nd line of multi-line event details no longer bleed into view with bigger diary sizes
6. (Mac) Password setting bug cured
7. Bug with edited monthly events jumping to other days is cured.
8. 12 month/6month calendar display choice now available again!

9. Imported data from Organizer now displays alarms for future events

10. Bugs with monthly repeating events cured


1.61    02/01/2012

1. The help file is now included within the program (from Help menu)

2. The journal password, if set, is required to open journal entries via the View menu.

3. Anniversary alarm messages display correctly on the event day when no early warning is set. Previously, with no early warning set, the message was blank.


1.60    24/12/2011

1. The journal can be protected with a password independent of your main password. If you set one (from the Options menu) it will be required the first time you open your journal after your diary is opened.

2. The 'Home' key returns the diary to today's date.

3. The page up/down keys will only affect In My Diary when the diary program has the main focus.


1.56    18/12/2011

1. An unfortunate bug in the encryption method has meant that general encryption of data has had to be withdrawn for the moment. If you have saved your diary file in encrypted form from version 1.55 it will be automatically converted to an unencrypted state the next time you save it. If the saved file has any multi-line diary entries, it is possible that strange characters may have appeared into these. Just delete the characters and re-save the file.

2. The normal close window icon replaces the close button in the search window.


1.55    16/12/2011

1. The journal entries are always encrypted as they are created or edited.

2. There is an option to encrypt the diary and contacts data so the file cannot be read in a text editor. 


1.50    06/12/2011

1. You can now maintain a daily journal by clicking over a date in the diary. A window will open for your journal input. Windows and Mac users will then see s 'J' by the side of dates which have a journal entry. RISCOS users of Organizer should put their Journal in the Documents >In My Diary  folder (the one with 'backups' in).

2. Corrected display of early warning and time-show tick boxes when setting an alarm. 


1.43    25/11/2011

1. The calendar always reopens at the current diary year

2. Repeat alarm warnings were not always showing.

3. Corrected crash if a calendar date is selected prior to your first entry.


1.42    17/11/2011

1. Importing the Organizer export files is now possible from the File Menu. This should enable Linux users to integrate their RiscOS data which has not been working properly with the drag method.

2. Diary page redraw is much quicker when the diary contains a lot of data

3. When right-clicking an entry to copy it, the calendar now opens in the same month and year as the original entry.

4.  The search field is correctly set to surname when opening contacts for the first time. This was not working properly before.


1.41    15/11/2011

1. Autosave function is possible (set from Options) to save your loaded file whenever a change is detected.

2. Page Up /Down keys turn the diary pages.

3. Search options are preserved if the window is closed

4. Cured the bug where under certain conditions the program could crash when clicking on a note icon.


1.40    13/11/2011

1. You can now search for words, part words and numbers in the Diary, Notes and Contacts

2. Extended search facility in Contacts (field to search can be altered)

3. The default setting for showing the time and early warnings when making diary entries can be changed in Options.

4. Option to exclude from the diary birthdays that are generated by the Contacts section (for those who prefer to set these in Anniversaries).

5. Text should now fit editfields better when a larger system font is used.


NB. The 'special days' code for Remembrance Sunday is wrong in older versions. It should be 11,7,8,14.


1.35    07/11/2011

1. Anniversary early warnings now behave like appointment early warnings and can be switched off

2. Calendar page turns can be set to a 6 month increment/decrement  as well as 12 months
3. Shutdown message closes after 10 seconds so it won't hang the shutdown of a computer where IMD is still running (but you will lose your changes if you don't respond)
4. Installer won't crash if IMD is running when you try to install THE NEXT update.
5. Apostrophes are added correctly when you edit an anniversary year.


1.31(b) (Mac only)

Sorry, forgot to include default file in installation 1.31 for Mac. This corrects it and asks you to confirm replacement of the In My Diary documents. Make sure you select this if you need the file.


1.31  23/10/2011 Some small bugs fixed


1.30   22/10/2011

1. This version now allows data from the RiscOS program Organizer to be imported.

2. More diary events per day can be entered (potentially unlimited) and now scroll within the day-space.

3. Additional fields have been included in the address section of contacts.

4. Some anomalies when entering times close to, at or over midnight have been cured.

5. Any un-editable entries caused by the previous bug should have their editable status reinstated upon loading.

6. Slight change to the use of the %t function in anniversaries. This no longer adds a possessive apostrophe S to allow Plural and singular apostrophes to be differentiated.  You will need to edit earlier anniversary entries - sorry.


1.22   16/10/2011

Small bug correction where entries could not be edited if the 24-hour time display was set.


1.21  14/10/2011

1. Anniversaries list is sortable and, if opened by clicking on a diary entry, the entries for that date are highlighted within the list for easier location.

2. Option to display 24-hour time in diary entries.

3. (Mac version) Copy and Paste now works between any editfields within the program.



1.20 - 12/10/2011

1. Twelve-month Calendar now replaces the one-month one.

2. If two variable 'special day' events (Easter etc.) happen to fall on the same day, one event is not now overwritten by the other.

1. (Mac) Serious saving bug cured on Mac version.

2. (Mac) When you double-click a diary file, if you are using an Intel-based machine, the program will load the file you clicked. On a non-Intel machine, the program will (usually) load the default diary in your documents folder. Please see the Using IN MY DIARY page for more information about this.



1.11 - 6/10/2011

1. Rewritten code for early and real-time warnings of alarms which had been rather quirky before. They now appear at the correct second. Repeating alarm warnings work properly.

2. Corrected position of Special-Day text on left-hand page

3. ampersand character can now be used in entries.

4. Correct file name appears at the top of the Diary page and so Save and Save As... work as they should.


Mac only - Although saving files with altered names has been possible, I discovered that double-clicking a saved file has nevertheless loaded the default file up to now. This problem is cured (but only for Intel Mac users - see above).  



1.10 - 3/10/2011

1. Default file made smaller for smaller screen resolutions

2. There is an option to start the program with the main diary window on the screen or on the task bar

3. In the Anniversary edit window a new field shows immediately what the result of using %t and %n will be

4. You can now enter '0' as the year in the Contacts Date of Birth and leave the year blank (or enter 0000) in the Anniversaries base date field. This then shows no year (or age) information in alarms.

5. The tabs display properly on the Mac version.


1.00 - 29/09/2011

First release





In My Diary is a Freeware application and can be used and distributed at will, providing that the program is not altered, and is only distributed in the form of the original packages for Windows, Apple Mac and Debian.

This program is supplied "as is". No warranty, express or implied, of the merchantability of this program or its fitness for any particular purpose is given. In no circumstances shall the author, or any provider or distributor of this program, be liable for any damage, loss of profits, or any indirect or consequential loss arising out of the use of this program.