These programs were written for RiscOS computers. Initially the A420, then adapted for the Strongarm RiscPC (RiscOS 4.x). They may or may not work on RiscOS 5 and 6 but they definitely DO NOT work on any version of Windows.



           ACCOUNT2. A basic home accounts program which allows you to keep a record of credits and debits to a single account. Click here for more information.


       DRUMS. To practise playing along with written music of varying difficulty, whilst keeping strict time with a metronome beat. When you have played the last note a number will appear on the screen to tell you how accurate your playing has been. Click the drum icon to download the app.


        TRAPPER. When I got my Risc PC, my wife was horified to find that the only game she liked to play on the A420 would not run on it. So to avoid divorce and other even more unpleasant consequences I had a go at giving this old favourite a face lift for the Risc PC.

The object is very simple, to trap an increasing number of monsters by blocking them in by pushing the walls around. Click the trapper icon to download the app.