NOW Version 1.2

Change control keys. More preferences are saved when you close the game.



VECTOR is a small friendly robot, sort of a cross between a mouse and a tractor! You can see a troupe of them here celebrating Christmas 



As you will find, he likes to push things about; off tables, under chairs, you name it!  So what better way to celebrate him than with a game where he gets to push his arch rivals about and squash them into oblivion.


After downloading the zip file, unzip the vectorland folder to a place of your choice. In that folder is the app called vectorland(.exe). Double-click it to run the game.

As the game starts Vector is in the middle of the screen and will be chased by an increasing number of alien robots. Vector's task is to trap them by moving the walls around and squash them.  You can set the window size, and speed of the attacking robots from the start-up window. Press the space bar to pause the game and, while paused, you can also save the current game to continue it at another time. If you have a saved game, there will be an extra button on the start-up screen. Press the Esc key at anytime if you want to abandon the current game.


You might get the usual warnings that you are trying to run a program from an unknown developer etc. but the program has been submitted to scrutiny by lots of anti-virus programs (see results here) and you can see there are no nasties reported.


I hope you enjoy it!


  Download for Windows 64bit


  Download for MacOS 64bit


  Download for Linux 64bit