I made this for my Granddaughter Emma as a Christmas present, 2013. It is based on the Chair Horse from The Rocking Horse Shop based in Fangfoss near York but, since Emma's mum and dad are a bit nutty about elephants, I wanted to make it with an elephant head rather than a horse head.






I ran this idea past Anthony Dew and he came up with this design, producing the head in this photo. I based my version on that but decided to do a bit more shaping around the eyes and forehead as you can see in the first picture.



I also found it easier to carve the inside of the tusks and shape the back of the ear lobes (to make them stand off from the head) before glueing the 5 layers together.  
The original Chair Horse has a 3-layer construction for the head. This is one I made in 2012 for my grandson Jonah.




After sowing the seed of the idea of an alternative head, the Rocking Horse Shop have now introduced a range of head options (Kangaroo, Dinosaur etc.), some of which can be seen here. 

Emma gets the hang of it!